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The Blue Orange Theatre is a new independent theatre situated in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.  Having recently finished an extensive refurbishment we opened our doors in 2011.
Blue Orange Theatre
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The Blue Orange Theatre is operated by:  Blue Orange Arts Ltd  A registered charity (No. 1145871) For more information and to see the range of social projects we provide please CLICK HERE.
Download  Latest Programme Blue Orange Arts Presents Friends, we cannot keep this a secret any longer! Unexplainable flying saucers lighting up the night sky! Strange and secret experiments at the old Lake Marsh place. Deadly, mutated, atomic creatures and the undead dead rising from the grave! For the first time on stage in the U.K. (and possibly the last) we pay homage to the greatness of a man who was arguably the worst film director of all time! Edward D. Wood, Jnr.    Thursday 1st September -  Saturday 10th September 2016 Night of the Bride of Plan 9 From Outer Space Blue Orange Arts Presents After learning of his wife Margotís affair, Tony Wendice plots the perfect murder. Hoping to inherit her substantial fortune, he hires an old classmate to carry out the deed.  But when Margotís assailant ends up dead himself, Tony is forced to formulate the perfect plan B. Soon Margot finds herself framed for premeditated murder and it is up to a tenacious detective and Margotís ex-lover Max to prove her innocence.     Thursday 22nd September -  Saturday 1st October 2016 Dial M for Murder Night Project Theatre &  Blue Orange Theatre Presents Join us for a terrifying and passionate new musical based on one of the most frightening novels ever written. Dracula: The Musical is a thrilling drama of suspense and a Gothic romance of dreamlike temptation. Prepare to be enthralled by a powerful score and a dark, haunting portrayal of Bram Stokerís eternal classic. From the team that brought the terrors of Sweeney Todd to sell-out audiences last year, Dracula is a little-seen musical that is not to be missed.    Friday 28th October -  Saturday 5th November 2016  Dracula: The Musical